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Reclaimed Earrings | Newfoundland Hammered Copper

Reclaimed Earrings | Newfoundland Hammered Copper

MBL Apothecary
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I was born and raised in Newfoundland and spent most of my life living in a cabin without conveniences like running water, heat, and electricity. We didn't care. We adapted and learned creative ways to do things. Our beds were icy cold in the winter so dad would put bricks on the wood stove, mom would wrap them in towels and place them carefully under the covers to keep my sister and I warm. Dad cut holes in the ice to collect buckets of water for bathing and cooking. We had a generator to illuminate the cabin in the evening but the days were quiet, naturally lit, and busy with baking bread and making crafts from anything and everything we could find. It was nothing short of magical. 

Still to this day, my mother and father live in the same cabin in central Newfoundland.  They have electricity now, running water, and well established gardens that feed family and friends for the year. When we started making reclaimed jewelry for the Apothecary, my dad came up with the idea of using old plumbing parts. He had a mechanical business many years ago and some parts and materials still linger around the shed. He often worked with copper and thought the old pipes would make unique pendants for our jewelry. He spent days cutting, hammering and filing the pieces at our kitchen table for me to create into these beautifully bespoke pieces of Newfoundland. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 
~Tiffany xox 

Hanging length: 1.25"

Photo Credit: This collection is photographed on the book pages of Wildness - An Ode to Newfoundland and Labrador by Jeremy Charles.