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Pet Hemp-Derived CBD Oil | 500mg

Pet Hemp-Derived CBD Oil | 500mg

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Our CBD Pet oil was the second best selling product in the Apothecary in 2020! We have received feedback from dozens of pet owners sharing success stories of their dogs, cats, and even hamsters finding relief from pain and anxiety. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our RPN and cannabis consultant, Maddie, for specific guidelines for your pet. To schedule a consultation click here

Our lab tested Hemp-Derived CBD is the non-intoxicating compound that can help minimize symptoms in a wide variety of illnesses. Be cautious when selecting a CBD product for your pet as THC is NOT safe for animals and products made from cannabis will contain THC. Our Pet oil is 100% Hemp-Derived CBD and will not cause intoxicating affects. If you suspect your pet has ingested THC, contact your vet. 

500mg / 15ml bottle (33mg/ml) 

Uses: Anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, gastro-intestinal issues, PTSD, behavioural issues, separation anxiety, firework & thunderstorm anxiety, oncological conditions, skin conditions 

Recommended dose: Add 1/3 dropper to food or administer orally. Increase as needed.


*Keep out of reach of children*