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1st Chakra Bracelet | Root
1st Chakra Bracelet | Root
1st Chakra Bracelet | Root
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1st Chakra Bracelet | Root

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The word "chakra" is a Sanskrit word meaning "disk" or "wheel" and it refers to the 7 most common energy centres that align with the spine. Each of these energy centres directly correspond to different parts of the body including major organs and nerve bundles. If disruptions occur in the natural flow of energy in our bodies, it can create blockages resulting in both physical and emotion symptoms. 

Root Chakra | Our first chakra and the foundation of who we are: our families, beliefs, and identities. This is the basic support system that we build ourselves on. This chakra is the essence of necessity, home, support, and family. It is safety in numbers. The primary focus of the root chakra is instincts: food, sex, shelter, and survival. We are taught by this chakra to break free from emotional baggage. When harnessed, you are able to turn negative emotional energies into power and light. This chakra returns to the earth as energetic compost. Let it all wash away. 

Balanced Root Chakra:

  • primal needs are satisfied 
  • emotional and psychological stability with childhood 
  • strong survival instincts 
  • letting go of unnecessary baggage
  • finding the silver lining

Blocked Root Chakra: 

  • compulsions
  • overeating
  • hoarding material items or money
  • mental illness
  • skeletal problems (from lack of emotional support) 
  • inability to recover from past trauma


Mookaite | root chakra HERE & NOW - enjoy the present, learn from the past, and look forward to the future. Calms worries and fears and reminds us there's nothing in this world we can't handle. Let go of the past and remind yourself that you are strong because you survived your past challenges. You are here today. 

DESCRIPTION: Bracelet is adjustable and fits most wrist sizes. Completed with hand stamped MBL tag. Comes with chakra info card in cotton gift bag.