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LMC Meditation Bracelet | Light . Mindfulness . Cure

LMC Meditation Bracelet | Light . Mindfulness . Cure

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Thank you for all your orders in the month of March 2021! 
Because of you, we were able to donate $650 to
The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center

*This fundraiser is now closed*

Inspired by our amazing friend, Lidia Marrello-Curcio and her courageous journey finding light, feeling love, and manifesting longevity while living with cancer. Her approach is focused on optimism, light and mindfulness with a hearty dose of community support and collaborative energy healing. Lidia has chosen the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center for this fundraiser.  

When we think of others and direct a loving intention toward them, we can help protect them on their journey. 

no 1 | find a moment of stillness amidst your busy day

no 2 | shuffle through your thoughts . . . pause on a beautiful memory of yourself or someone who needs your positive energy (like Lidia) 

no 3 | remember how you felt that day . . . awaken that same sensation in this moment

no 4 | stay present in that moment for 5 deep breaths  

. . . . . 


Sesame (Kiwi) Jasper | Aligns all chakras. The primary intention of this jasper is to absorb negative energy. It promotes tranquility, is uplifting, and shines a positive light on the wearer. It supports emotional strength to face problems and begin the healing process. 

Lava | Promotes strength and courage.