*Helpful tips to know before purchasing our products*
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  • We do not accept returns; however, if you are unhappy with the quality of your product please send us an email and we’ll send you another product ASAP! 

  • At this time, we only ship within Canada
  • Shipping rates will be calculated at check-out 
  • We aim to get your package in the mail within 3 business days. We will let you know if there will be a delay. 
  • Please be sure to email to schedule your porch pickup. Please do not just stop by just in case we’re not here. We are not a store front and don’t have regular hours.
  • If you are running late or unable to make it to your scheduled pickup time, please let us know so we can bring your package inside to avoid weather damage. 


  • After many bath scrubs we have decided to remove the micas from our bath salts. Although we love the pretty colours in the water, the micas can stain the tub and they don’t provide any therapeutic value so... bye bye. We will however maintain using dried flowers. We will keep these to a minimum so they wash away easily. 
  • If you notice small black flecks in your balm don't panic! They are just fragments of cracked pepper which activates the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.
  • Don’t leave you MBL products in the sun or in temps above 30°. This can damage the effectiveness of the essential oils and the balms will melt. Don’t worry though, you can pop them in the fridge and the texture will return to its original form.
  • Cooling a mint balm (or any balm for that matter) in the fridge also helps enhance the cooling affect for stubborn burning muscle pain.
  • The organic MCT coconut oil can sometimes develop a pinkish hue when exposed to oxygen. This is normal and isn’t harmful nor does it diminish the effectiveness of the product.
  • Turmeric paste can stain clothing so be cautious when applying balms while wearing light colours. 
  • Our CBD is entirely hemp derived meaning there is zero THC which enables us to give to animals. DO NOT give your pet any product that contains THC.  

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