About us


RPN & Cannabis Expert

> Maddie began her career in nursing in ​2012 at CHEO. She soon realized that her passion was in palliative and hospice care. That's where the demand for cannabis education began. Maddie developed an educational program she coined Cannabis 101 and designed a power point presentation for the staff at the hospice.

The Cannabis 101 presentation is a uniquely designed one hour education session. Maddie covers the basics of the endocannabinoid system, the differences between THC & CBD, information on strain selection and different methods of consumption. Her presentation also covers the new and emerging legal recreational cannabis market in Canada and differences between the medical systems that exist. Cannabis 101 education soon became Maddie's primary work as she was hired by National Access Cannabis in 2016 to provide patient eduction as the staff nurse. 

As the demand grew, Maddie developed her new company MBL Apothecary with her life partner, Tiffany, as a way to provide products, education and resources to everyone who needs her services. She has expanded her client base to hospitals all over Ontario, dentists clinics, lawyers offices, community health centres, and privately for palliative and chronically ill patients. 


Interior Decorator & Artist

> Tiffany was born and raised in Newfoundland and learned most of her crafty skills from her mother. She studied fine arts and specialized in textiles mastering trades like knitting, sewing, and smocking. Her love of travel and adventure took her off The Rock and to the west cost where she studied massage therapy for 4 years and later moved to Turks and Caicos for a brief (albeit wonderful) internship working at a local physiotherapy clinic. Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology as well as her personal interest in homeopathic and natural remedies has translated into developing the MBL apothecary line. 

Tiffany moved to Ottawa in 2007 and completed the Interior Decorating course at Algonquin collage and has worked in the field since 2009. Tiffany's design style is eclectic, relaxed and unrefined as she specializes in reusing, reclaiming and reorganizing; however, she has surprised many clients over the years with her affinity for restraint and understated concepts despite her own bold and colourful flair.

After losing her life partner to cancer in 2019, Tiffany is no stranger to the palliative world. Her desire to continue supporting people suffering from chronic & palliative diseases is the reason behind her passion for being on the MBL team.