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ONE-ON-ONE Consultation | Cannabis Education

ONE-ON-ONE Consultation | Cannabis Education

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There are many benefits to THC & CBD but there are also contraindications. Book a consultation with Maddie Brown, RPN and she will help you determine if it's right for you and if so, what dose, type and method of consumption is best.

Consultation Includes:

  1. 30 minute phone call with Maddie Brown, RPN.
  2. Cannabis 101 education - The science behind THC & CBD
  3. Maddie will review any medications with a pharmacist to ensure there are no contraindications. 
  4. You will discuss dosing, uses, benefits, and risks of using cannabis. 
  5. Cannabis 101 PDF document 
  6. A follow-up call will be scheduled two weeks after consultation to review any changes. 

 Consultation services are suitable for pets and humans.