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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy | Cryotherapy + Thermotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the most basic methods of natural medicine and it has been utilized since the beginning of time. Based on temperature & pressure, water can be used for a wide range of symptoms and its benefits are often underestimated. Here are some benefits and tips to consider when using water for symptom management.


  • numb nerve irritation

  • reduces inflammation (ie. arthritis)

  • releases feel-good endorphins

  • decreases sensitivity to pain

  • minimize appearance of pores

  • brighten and clarifies skin, tightens wrinkles


  • increase circulation

  • accelerate healing

  • lower stress levels

  • decrease muscle pain

  • detoxify


  1. Always consult a specialist if your symptoms are getting worse, keeping you awake at night, or causing limitations in your day-to-day activities.

  2. It is best to use a form of cold or heat that returns to room temperature naturally. Electric heating pads or chemical heat pacs can pose a higher risk when left on the skin for too long.

  3. Cold therapy can provide quick pain relief when applied topically. When using icepacks or ice, limit exposure to 10 minutes to avoid tissue damage. Put a timer on and relax for 10 min then rest with the icepack removed for 10 min. Replace again if needed.

  4. Always check in with your body. If cold treatment makes your symptoms feel worse, don’t push it. It doesn't help to exacerbate symptoms by pushing too hard.

  5. Try full body cryotherapy for a burst of positive endorphins! During your shower, try turning the water cold for a few seconds. It may feel shocking but try to stay under the water for 10 seconds or so. Turn the heat up again and enjoy for a few minutes. Repeat this cold and warm sequence a few more times.

  6. For headaches or migraines, try creating a systemic shunt - Warm your MBL Weighted Eye Pillow in the microwave and wrap around your feet. Rinse a face cloth under cold tap water for a few minutes and place across your forehead or base of your neck. Rest + breathe. This helps to draw blood away from your head and direct it toward your feet.

  7. The benefits of hydrotherapy are temporary; however, symptom relief is usually achieved quickly.