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NOTES from the lab

We're making lotions! 

Our first batch has been a success and we've had our family and friends sampling with lots of positive feedback. We love it so much we're super eager to share them with you but we have a few more tweaks to make yet. The scent profiles will be characteristic of growing terrains like gardens, rainforests & orchards with essential oils that are native to those terrains. We anticipate they will be online within two weeks so keep checking our website for updates! 

Some special details to mention: 

  • We've infused aloe vera powder in olive oil for these lotions so they have a skin soothing benefit just in case you've had a little too much sun. 
  • We are also researching carrier oils that have a higher SPF; although our lotion will never replace sunscreen, it is certainly comforting to know that it's doing it's best to protect our skin. 
  • We're toggling between a fluffy, whipped texture and a smooth, creamy consistency. They both feel fabulous. 
  • We really love natural ingredients so the ingredients in these lotions are 100% plant based. 

Thanks for checking into the lab!