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How you Paid-it-Forward to Bentley

Last year, we created a "pay what you can" option for our 500mg CBD oil. We wanted anyone struggling to have access to one of our most beneficial products. Many people ordered a bottle or two of the oil and paid what they could. Some people weren't able to pay anything at all. It was the response from our regular customers that was astounding. Our customers started paying a little extra for their orders. A few dollars here and an extra twenty there, resulted in a resounding MBL Pay It Forward community initiative! Below is the Story of a boy that our MBL community was able to support this year. 

When six year old Bentley was diagnosed with epilepsy, his family and doctors were coming up with a plan to get his seizures under control. Many clinical trials have been documented pertaining to the success of using CBD to manage symptoms of epilepsy, so it's no surprise that Bentley's doctors prescribed it. Sounds like a happy ending right? Not quite. Bentley's parents do not have insurance and cannabis is not covered through Ontario‘s current program. Unfortunately, they could not afford the cost of the CBD that was prescribed for Bentley.

So his family started a go-fund-me to raise money to purchase the oil, which was then seized by go-fund-me as it was technically “drug money”…🙄 which is where we stepped in, thanks to a tag in a post from one of our customers. 

We now supply Bentley with enough oil to get him through 2-3 months at a time. When he’s running low, we (and our MBL Community) refill it for free!

Imagine the medication that worked best for your child was not affordable for you. This family rests easier because of all of our generous contributors. You can now contribute to this initiative through our website via the Gift Giving tab.