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Eczema Case Study | CBD Field Lotion

The apothecary was contacted by a mother looking for something to soothe her 3 year old son's eczema. She explained to us that she had tried everything and visited multiple doctors and nothing was working. Her son wasn't able to sleep through the night because the itching would keep him awake. This created an exhausting and stressful situation for their family.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that causes rashes, inflammation, dry, itchy skin, blisters and skin infections. As you can see from the video, his skin is not only covered with rashes but also bright red marks from scratching. 

The CBD infused Field lotion was our first recommendation. Lavender essential oil has a wide variety of benefits but most of all, it excels at healing burns and decreasing inflammation. Shea butter and jojoba oil are hydrating and they create a protective barrier to help prevent further drying of the skin. Last, but certainly not least, CBD is very well known for its anti-itch properties which would help alleviate one of the most challenging symptoms. 


This child's first application of the CBD infused Field lotion was on January 2nd, 2022. The lotion was applied to a small test area on his leg for 24 hour observation to determine there were no adverse effects. The lotion was then applied from head to toe, twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed. 

On the second night (January 4th), the effects were noticeable as the child slept through the night and wasn't awake scratching. On January 9th, the video revealed a noticeable decrease in redness and the bright red scratch marks were gone.

Other improvements noted were:

  • redness went away after a few days
  • skin texture changed from dry/rough to smooth 
  • sores healed quickly 
  • decreased itching meant he is able to sleep though the night
  • he typically doesn't like cream being applied but now asks for it
  • skin on his face is noticeably clearer and people are noticing the improvement 
  • he doesn't have dry chapped cheeks anymore after playing outside

We checked in with the family on January 17th but after skipping a morning application of the lotion, as they were running low, he had a flareup. They will continue to apply twice a day and keep us posted. 


"It’s honestly insane to see the difference. We’ve been looking for something for THREE years to help him… kid is sleeping through the night now cause he’s not scratching!! It’s amazing!!"

"I applied everywhere, legs, belly, arms, neck and face every morning, then again before bedtime, then put him in footed cotton pjs- so he couldn’t scratch. But after a few days, he’s stopped waking up in the night from scratching and we’ve BOTH been sleeping through the night. It’s incredible!!!"