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Anxiety Case Study | Pet Oil

Our #1 product in 2021 was the 500mg Pet Oil. We receive a lot of calls from customers about pets suffering from anxiety or pain and their main concern is continuous use of pharmaceuticals. People are starting to worry about the long term affects on their furry family members and they are looking for more natural options. 

Let's brake it down a little and discuss the difference between CBD derived from cannabis and CBD derived from hemp. This is *SUPER* important if you are considering using CBD for your pet. The cannabis plant contains a long list of compounds that can benefit a wide variety of conditions, many of which are still being researched for their efficacy. The most popular compound of the cannabis plant is THC. It has plenty of benefits for humans but the psychoactive effects are detrimental to animals. This is where the hemp plant comes to the rescue! CBD derived from the hemp plant contains negligible amounts of THC and just to be sure, we have our products lab tested for your pet's safety. 


Kiyah is a rescue and has severe anxiety. Her family have been trying everything to help her cope but they haven't had much success. Her veterinarian prescribed clomicalm but she became very lethargic, which her family described as "zombie-like" and "not herself". Not feeling comfortable with that option, they stopped giving her the medication and heard about us from a friend. Here is what Kiyah's family had to say about how our CBD pet oil worked for her!


"Kiyah came to us through a Rescue almost a year ago from Texas. She had experienced A LOT of trauma…as most rescues do. She has many anxieties and stressors of which continual training and lots of love still has not completely settled. Through our year of life with her, we saw her triggers - strangers, car rides, training centre, strange places and FIREWORKS! No matter what we tried (even prescribed meds from our Vet), nothing seemed to help her…until my sister recommended MBL Apothecary. My first order I placed 2 bottles of the Pet CBD. Of course like any national holiday there are fireworks. This seems to trigger Kiyah the most. Completely inconsolable, shaking to the point where we think she’s going to go into heart failure or a seizure from the stress and anxiety. She paces to find a corner to cower in and no matter how much we try to sit and calm her, nothing helps…except now the MBL Apothecary Pet CBD."


"Within minutes Kiyah stops shaking, like the edge of her stress and anxiety has been taken off. She can sit in our room and be able to stay in one place without continually pacing. A calmness comes over her. She is manageable. This also helps us feel better watching her not panic and feeling helpless."


It is pertinent to add that the onset of action is different for everyone. In Kiyah's case, the effects were noted within minutes but the effects of CBD can take up to an hour or more to be noticeable. Sometimes the effects are noticeable over time and not immediately. For example, we have had customers tell us they didn't think the pet oil was working until they stopped giving it to their pet, at which point they finally noticed the old behaviours had returned. 


The dose amount for pets will vary depending on their weight. Kiyah is 60 lbs and the amount that worked best for her was 3/4 of a dropper. The entire bottle contains 500mg of CBD so the amount per dose given was approximately 25mg of CBD. The CBD oil is given to Kiyah approximately 10 - 20 minutes before a trigger; for example, fireworks, car rides, and doggie training. Other dogs may require the dose to be given 30 minutes to an hour before the trigger or event and some pets experience the greatest benefit from a daily maintenance dose. Every pet is different so we always suggest you start low and go slow. Be on the lookout for any negative side effects of CBD which are most commonly documented as lethargy or shaking. Negative side effects are usually caused by the wrong dose so please schedule a consultation with Maddie, our cannabis consultant and nurse, for more guidance. 


"Our words of gratitude cannot say enough of how thankful we are for your product and what it has done for our beloved Kiyah. 🤍🤍🤍"